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Black Limestone Linear Midnight Plank 900x200 22mm £25.00/m2

Black Limestone Linear Midnight Plank 900x200 22mm £25.00/m2

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Black limestone linear 900 x 200 mm is an excellent choice for garden edging or patio borders. It adds a modern, elegant, and stately look to the garden while providing clear boundaries and defining the space. By using black limestone linearly along the garden's edge, the deep black color of the limestone stands out beautifully against the greenery and flowers, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the garden.

Moreover, paving the entire garden with black limestone plank 900 x 200mm creates an impressive effect, giving the garden a uniform and uncluttered appearance. When illuminated by sunlight, the black limestone develops a deep and luxurious lustre.

Whether used as garden edging or laid throughout the garden, the black limestone linear planks in the size of 900 x 200mm bring a dignified and contemporary look to the garden. They provide a clear and defined spatial layout, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design.

We also supply black limestone paving 900 x 600, black limestone paving patio packs, and black limestone paving 600 x 600.


VARIETIES Black Limestone Linear Plank
Colour Black, Kota Black
MATERIAL Natural Limestone
FINISHED FACE Natural Smooth, Split Surface
SIZE and PACKS 900 x 200 mm, 96 Slabs
THICKNESS Nominal 22 mm
MADE BY Partner Quarry in Kadapha, India
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