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Brazilian Black Slate Paving Slabs 600x600x20mm £27.99/m2

Brazilian Black Slate Paving Slabs 600x600x20mm £27.99/m2

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Brazilian black slate paving slabs 600 x 600 x 20 showcase striking and bold tones that emanate a uniform, modern allure. The rich, multi-toned palette creates a captivating focal point for your garden or patio. This Rustic Slate paving not only delights the eye but also boasts exceptional durability, positioning it as the ideal alternative to traditional options such as Sandstone and Limestone. Sandstone paving 600 x 600 is particularly suitable for customers who prefer uniform dimensions. Additionally, it is especially well-suited for builders during the installation process.

Discover the enchanting Brazilian Black Slate Paving, a masterpiece of nature that seamlessly harmonizes rustic charm with contemporary grace. Crafted from the finest Brazilian slate, its innate, naturally riven texture imparts a touch of timeless sophistication to any environment. Whether you're revitalizing your patio garden or crafting welcoming pathways, this elegant paving solution is your ultimate selection.

We also supply Brazilian black slate paving 900 x 600 x 20, Brazilian black slate paving patio packs 20mm.

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