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Black Slate Paving China Slate Midnight Slabs 900x600 £31.09/m2

Black Slate Paving China Slate Midnight Slabs 900x600 £31.09/m2

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Black slate paving from China, known as midnight slate, is meticulously designed to infuse any space with a timeless and rustic allure. These slabs beautifully capture the essence of natural slate with their riven surface and authentic rural variations. Engineered for durability, our Westone® midnight slate paving slabs are crafted to withstand the demands of high-traffic areas.

Unassuming yet elegant, these slate slabs from China effortlessly add a modern and chic touch to any project, regardless of its size. Whether it's a patio, square, or even a living room, these versatile slabs are a popular choice. Rest assured, we directly import them from reputable China slate quarries to ensure authenticity and quality.

At Westone, we take pride in our production team based in China, allowing us to supply China slate to the UK and other European countries under our esteemed brand. This direct sourcing approach grants us significant supply power, enabling us to offer superior quality black slate paving at competitive prices.

Unlike many others, we do not mix batches, guaranteeing consistency and texture throughout your project. Cheaper alternatives often source from numerous small factories with minimal quality control, compromising the integrity of the black slate. With our Westone slate midnight paving slabs, you can trust in the quality and craftsmanship we deliver.


STONE VARIETIES Black Slate Paving
COLOUR Black, Midnight
MATERIAL Slate Paving
FINISHED FACE Split Stone, Riven Slate
SIZE and PACKS 900 x 600 mm, 33 Slabs
THICKNESS Nominal 20 mm
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