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Autumn Blend Sandstone Paving 3 Sizes 22mm Cal. £22.29/m2

Autumn Blend Sandstone Paving 3 Sizes 22mm Cal. £22.29/m2

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Autumn blend sandstone paving 560 series patio pack is highly favoured among our Indian Sandstone options, and its popularity is easily understood. These paving stones seamlessly blend with their historic surroundings and boast exceptional durability, ensuring a lifetime of use with proper maintenance.

Autumn blend sandstone showcases an array of attractive colors reminiscent of reclaimed Yorkstone. Its warm yellow and subtle brown tones combine to create a natural and captivating appeal. Additionally, hints of pale purple hues gracefully intermingle, further enhancing the stone's rich and traditional beauty.

Notably, our autumn blend sandstone paving is naturally split, providing a riven surface with excellent grip, while the hand-cut dressed edge adds a sense of age and craft. With a convenient thickness of 22mm calibrated, it facilitates the installation process for landscapers.

We also supply Autumn brown sandstone paving 900 x 600, Autumn brown sandstone paving patio packs, and Autumn blend sandstone 5 sizes patio packs.

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