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Green Quartz Split Face Tiles 550x150 £33.49/m2

Green Quartz Split Face Tiles 550x150 £33.49/m2

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Green Quartz Sparkle Split Tiles Cladding 550 x 150 are particularly well-suited for interior design enthusiasts who appreciate deep and rich green tones. These tiles have the ability to bring a sense of depth and sophistication to wall decor, creating a striking visual impact. They are especially captivating when used as a feature wall behind a flat-screen TV, a fireplace, or in fashion and furniture stores.

The deep emerald green colour of these tiles adds an element of elegance to purpose-designed spaces, making them an ideal choice for those who prefer darker colour palettes. Green Quartz Sparkle Split Tiles offer an exceptional option for interior design projects, delivering a calming and refined finish that caters to clients who appreciate the beauty of dark green tones.

We also supply Green sparkle quartz split face tiles 360 x 100.

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