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Multicolour Slate Split Face Tiles 550x150 £30.89/m2

Multicolour Slate Split Face Tiles 550x150 £30.89/m2

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Multicolour slate split face tiles cladding 550 x 150 have always been a top choice for interior and exterior designers, architects, and individuals. These tiles are extensively used on feature walls in residential homes, restaurants, fashion shops, clothing stores, and home furnishing stores, as they offer exceptional adaptability and minimize the risk of design failure.

They can be used as backdrops behind TVs or media centres, around fireplaces, or in various areas of home gardens, such as BBQ areas or garden walls. These tiles are also commonly employed in contemporary shops and restaurants to create visually striking feature walls. They are widely embraced in wall decoration and often serve as the standard design for many chains of fast-food. After sealing, the tiles develop a beautiful antique bronze colour.

We also supply Split face tiles rusty multicolor slate cladding 360 x 100.

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