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Granite Setts Cobbles Silver Grey Cropped 100x100x50 £45.39/m2

Granite Setts Cobbles Silver Grey Cropped 100x100x50 £45.39/m2

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Silver Grey Cropped Granite Setts Cobbles 100 x 100 x 50, a versatile choice suitable for both commercial and domestic applications. These setts are perfect for patio paving borders, driveway paving, footpaths, heavy traffic walkways, streetscapes, piazza markets, and pavements.

Featuring a roughly cropped finish, these granite setts cobbles proudly exhibit their rugged natural texture. With exceptional durability inherent to granite, they provide a solid and long-lasting solution for any project, instilling a sense of permanence in their presence.

Opt for the Silver Grey Cropped Granite Setts Cobbles and benefit from their enduring strength and distinctive appearance. These setts offer reliability and visual appeal, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of paving applications.

Direct From Overseas Owned Granite Quarry

We also supply Silver grey granite setts cobbles 200 x 100 x50.

Important Note: Regarding split crate orders, it's important to understand that the setts are typically stacked randomly within the crate rather than neatly arranged. This approach improves work efficiency and helps reduce costs, ensuring that the small setts remain intact during delivery. If you have specific concerns about the neatness of the packaging, we recommend opting for a full crate order instead.

Please be aware that stone setts generally have a rough texture. Due to the low pricing and small profit margins associated with these products, it's an industry standard that some stone setts may not be thoroughly washed before packaging. If you expect the same level of cleanliness as paving slabs, we kindly advise against placing an order for stone setts.


VARIETIES Granite Setts Cobbles
COLOUR Silver Grey, Light Grey
MATERIAL Granite Stone
FINISHED FACE Natural Split, Cropped
SIZE, PACK 100 x 100 x 50 mm, 800 setts
THICKNESS 45-55 mm
CALIBRATED Uncalibrated
EDGE Hand Cut
LAID 10-15 mm joint
MANUFACTURER Overseas Own Factory
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